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I have struggled to find good beer in New Zealand. I’ve searched, I really have. I’ve scoured the local stores and pubs. But everything on offer is either too one-dimensional (read: yeasty) or too ick for my liking (sorry Speights, but you’re no better than Natty Ice in my book).

Just as I was about to give up hope of ever finding a pallatable brew, I came across Tuatara Brewing. Taking its name from the rare endemic reptile, not only are their beers versatile and extremely well-rounded, but they’re not mind-blowingly overpriced.

Try this: Tuatara Ardennes
Style – Belgian ale
ABV – 6.5%
Cost – ~$4.5
Serve type – 330 mL bottle
Glass type – I drank it from a wine glass, but a chalice would probably be better
Taste – nice balance of fruits and spices, light malts (caramel, vanilla) and light carbonated
Recommended for – anyone who dislikes shite beer