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Continuing my quest to find palatable malt beverages in New Zealand, I have diligently sampled mouthful after mouthful of unfortunate swill. But once in a great while, I come upon a brewery with something more to offer than what San Diego’s Stone Brewing calls “fizzy yellow beer.” Last time I told you to Drink This, I was recommending Tuatara‘s Ardennes. This time, I am cheerfully advocating Pink Elephant Brewery.

Based out of the town of Blenheim in the South Island’s Marlborough Region (an area renowned for its wines), Pink Elephant boasts a superb lineup of tried-and-true ales and interesting one-off creations. I can tell you that Peter Jackson‘s recommendation of their Mammoth is spot-on; but today I’m suggesting something a little more out of the ordinary.

Try this (if you can get your hands on it): Pink Elephant Pink’s Peculiar
Style – old ale/sour ale
ABV – 8% (8%! in New Zealand, that’s practically unheard of! buy it just for the alcohol content, for crying out loud!)
Cost – ~$7
Serve type – 330 mL bottle
Glass type – tulip glass
Taste – they definitely funked this one up; extremely sour the whole way through, the lactic acid definitely comes through; layered beneath that are hints of nuts, vanilla, and band-aids
Recommended for – certainly not for everyone!!!, mostly people who enjoy geuzes, Ommegang‘s Ommegedon Funkhouse Ale, and the like. This beer is a punch in the face that will leave your nose stinging and your mouth puckered. If you can stomach the funk, then you’ll understand why you’re lucky to have experienced such a well-crafted brew.