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Another Auckland-based band here. The duo, comprised of Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy, released their first LP last year. Since then, they’ve been nominated for all sorts of music awards, secured an international record deal, and toured in support of Kiwi-gone-global-sensation Ke$ha. If I had to describe the sounds they make, it would be something like: The Limousines-meet-Dead can Dance-meet-Blaqk Audio-meet The Faint. (I know that sounds bad… it’s not. It’s awesome. Trust me.)

These guys have just enough edginess to make me think they’ll either produce a zillion equally good albums but always be kind of obscure (because they’re too cool to care if they go mainstream) or explode all over the European discoteque dancefloor (because they’re too cool to care if they go mainstream). Their aggressive synth beats, ridiculously catchy hooks, and déjà entendu vocals make for a genuinely fun listening experience, whether you’re clubbing or doing 100 on the motorway.

In an interview with The Edge, they cited some of their influences as “Groove, mood, and slutty arrangements” and “Gangster and glamour.” With inspiration like that, you know these guys are serious about the music they create.

Here’s my personal favorite, the title track from Sugarpills. As they say themselves, “this shit never gets old.”