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I wanted to write something really profound about the natural beauty of Aotearoa and the spiritually cathartic experience of nature walks, but I’m floundering in the poetic department at the moment, so I’ll be brief.

New Zealand outdoors has become, for me, a sacred place. A place in which I can spiritually detox – gradually shed all the negativity of emotion I’ve experienced and gradually heal those wounds.

This sounds all mushy and pseudo-mystic. Let me try again. It’s impossible, I think, to experience New Zealand’s parks, beaches, etc., and not feel some connection to the self and the world. It’s very soothing, very peaceful. So I’ve gotten in the habit of taking meditative walks that allow me to clear my mind of whatever’s been cluttering it and just absorb a little bit of that peace that seems to be inherent to nature. I can’t properly describe it, but I highly recommend the combination of exercise and outdoors to anyone seeking refuge from the turmoil of daily life.

That is my personal interlude. Thanks for bearing with me.