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Oy. Remember when I told you about the Dunedin sound and Flying Nun Records? Well, it’s the 30th anniversary of FNR, and to celebrate, they’ve teamed up with Epic Brewing Company to create a one-off commemorative ale.

That’s right, 30 Year Ale is an American-style pale ale that will comfort those who don’t like to stray to far from their usual lagers, but still has that magical something that will bring a fond twinkle to the eyes of seasoned beer drinkers.

This might be a stretch, but drinking this beer reminded me of listening to a band like The Clean – modeled after an American style, with a taste of the familiar and a hint of something a little different. Anyway…

Try this – Epic Beer and Flying Nun Records Present: 30 Year Ale
Style – American pale ale
ABV – 5.5%
Cost – $7
Serve type – 500 mL bottle
Glass type – tulip glass
Taste – crisp and clean, with mineral tones and suggestions of pine and citrus hops
Recommended for – fans of the Dunedin sound, drinkers of ales and lagers of all sorts, lovers of summer

So… Happy Birthday, FNR! And cheers to the old Dunedin sound!